Deep Sea Fishing

Punta Cana zone has been one of the most popular fishing areas in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, with its every year´s fishing tournament that takes place in Cabeza de Toro as well as in Cap Cana Marina, in which the White and Blue Marlins are the main target, and they are our biggest catch, with 500+ pounds White and Blue Marlins. It is your turn now to try to catch yours.  

What we catch all year round. Mahi-mahi, Wahoo, Flying Fish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin among many others.

Our boats have capacity for 6,7 and 8 fishermen and 4 watchers. Please be advised that this is trolling fishing, not bottom fishing. that is the way to catch the big ones.  we also use good professional fishing gear as well as life bait.

To consider. Despite we catch 95% of our departures, remember this is fishing, not catching. it means it is not guaranteed to catch anything.

Fishing calendar.

January, February, March: Mahimahi (75%), whahoo (70%), flying fish (65%).

April, May, June: White Marlins (80%), Blue Marlin (85%), Mahi-mahi (80%).

July, August, September: Blue Marlin (70%), Mahi-mahi (85%), Wahoo (75%), Flying fish (75%). 

October, November, December: Mahi-mahi (85%), Dorado (85%), Wahoo (80%). 


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